Our philosophy

We founded Kiteshop.sk in 2013 and since then we have been looking forward to the growing number of loyal customers.

We offer you everything a proper kiter needs: kits, kiteboards, accessories and spare parts, trapezoids, wetsuits, stylish clothing and various other accessories. We work only with selected manufacturers whose products are the absolute top. They guarantee you excellent quality, functionality and long life, your satisfaction to us!

Our assortment is slowly expanding, we are trying to offer you an ever wider but nevertheless clear selection. So maybe you will not always find a complete assortment of a certain manufacturer, but only selected and proven products, which will clearly make your decision easier!

We care about every one of you!

We are also successful thanks to your recommendations and positive promotion! We care about the satisfaction of every single customer, we do not want and cannot afford negative advertising!

We are most happy with our regular clients, who regularly turn to us. Nothing pleases more than the certainty that what we do, we do well!

We are not perfect, but we try!


Graduated economist, professional and sponsored kiter, private kite trainer:

Bibiana Magaji aka Bibi!

Bibiana Magaji Kitesurfing


We are experts

We have been involved in sports for many years, regularly and intensively! We are interested in new technologies, we attend dealer meetings and we have an overview of news.

We are objective

Not sure what to choose? We will not hesitate to tell you something you do not need, but we will advise you to be satisfied in the long run.

We are local

We are counting on your support. Or would you rather support large warehouses with an impersonal approach somewhere far away abroad?

Test equipment

We have selected kites and boards for testing. So if you would rather try the material before buying, let us know.

We have everything on stock

Everything you find in our shop is in stock and can be sent immediately, with the exception of kites that will be ready for you from an external warehouse within 2-3 days.

Old for new

Are you thinking of buying a new kite or board, but still have your old equipment? Try to offer it to us, we will definitely agree!