Our online shop is specialized on kitesurfing, so you´ll find here a kite or a kiteboard. But we can offer much more! Are you looking for a wetsuit or stylish apparel? So this is the right place!

...and other water sports!

We will take care about you also if you are more into windsurfing, surfing or wakeboarding, water skiing or stand up paddling. The water is our connection and maybe you´ll become a kitesurfer soon too!





Definitely the best and most effective way to learn kiting, improve your driving or practice new maneuvers.

Under professional supervision, you will safely and quickly reach the next level, no more long struggles!



Would you like a new kite or board, but you still have a lot of your old equipment lying around at home and it not only takes up space, but also blocks your finances?

Not a problem! Offer us what you have, we will look at it, evaluate it and make you an offer. And your worries are over!

  • When buying a new kite, board, bar, harness…
  • The amount of the discount will depend on the condition and age of your equipment
  • The value of your equipment should not exceed the price of a new one
  • For the final offer, it is best to look at your things in person



We are professionals

We are not somebody, we are passionate kitesurfers like you with years of experience!

Flexible prices

The prices in our shop are retail prices recommended by the producer. You will find also great sales on items from the last seasons or slightly used test equipment. The best think is the “Offer your price” button on every product, so dont hesitate to use it!

Our stock is growing

We don´t just order staff if our customers need it, so you don´t need to wait for it weeks! Everything you find in our shop we have on stock or we can get it from the external stock within 2-3 days.

We are close

We are not just a warehouse somewhere far away. We are here, we kite with you, we can can meet on our spots and have a chat together!

Best cooperation partners

To provide you only the best gear we work just with selected partners with high quality products we can rely on. Quality and service we take very serious.