Woodboard Aktaia

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Strapless Freestyle – Directional Kiteboard

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A strapless freestyle kiteboard, a masterpiece in design, shape and technology.

The design is inspired by the colors of the sea and the greek mythology. Aktaia is one of the Nereides, that represent all the beauty of the sea.  And Aktaia itself is the goddess of the sea shore. What a name for a stapless kiteboard.

The shape provides all the newest findings in hydrodynamic and flowdynamics. The full-3D shape includes a constricting Venturi channel for more bouyancy and a double concave for smooth landings.

The technology is inspired by the avionic. A vertex pressure resistant foam core with carbon layers on the top and bottom.  A all-round ultararesistant sidewall protects the board from side impacts.

Manufactured in an industrial processs, in the EU.


  • Kiteboard Woodboard Aktaia
  • Grip pad
  • 3 pcs fins

Kiteboard size: 4’8“

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Board R2R (s padmi a finkami), Board s padmi (bez finiek)

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