Duotone Safety Leash

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Duotone safety kite leash

Luxurious neoprene leash from Duotone Kiteboarding

The long duotone leash is for the real freestylers who pull off a lot of spectacular unhooked tricks, like the team riders, Stefan Spiesberger, Jerome Cloetens or Valentin Rodrigez. Or for riders who simply prefer a longer leash to ride.

The Duotone Leash is covered with neoprene from the carabiner to the safety, so that you cannot injure yourself with a handle pass or an unhooked trick. The upper part of the leash is made of stiffer material so that the leash cannot get caught in your harness hook. The carabiner also has an additional plastic coating so that you cannot lose your kite even in the hardest of falls.